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Hey monkeys, so my dream is typical- I want to be a global macro growth portfolio manager. I NEED SOME INSIGHT IN HOW I CAN BREAK INTO ASSET MANAGEMENT/EQUITY RESEARCH FROM A NONTARGET.

so I used to go to a semi target BYU. I got good grades there, but not good enough to get into BYU's accounting program. I need some sort of job security (accounting) to fall back on, so I transferred to a nontarget to graduate in accounting.

I will get my CPA and work at the big four accounting firms. NOW. HOW CAN I GET INTO MACRO INVESTING FROM HERE?? ..seems impossible since im graduating from a nontarget.

should I?
1. Become a Certified Fraud Examiner/ CPA and try to get a job at a short selling boutique? (my wife is chinese and I can learn mandarin and i see that a lot of shortsellers have positions in chinese companies)
2. I can get into the best PHD economics program that I can

so please comment and give me some constructive ideas on how I can break into a Global Macro Fund. Worst case scenario I can always invest with my own personal brokerage account.

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Mar 7, 2019

Not an expert on macro trading in any way.

But you are all over the place and got some wild plans.

  1. Shortselling based on detected frauds has nothing to do with macro investing. Learning mandarin now on a level that allows you to find frauds and profitably shortsell chinese companies... good luck, I doubt that will be realistic to pull off, shortselling is incredibly difficult as is
  2. PHD economics. You studied accounting at a non-target in undergrad? You won't be able to land a relevant phd spot in econ

Maybe something to think about. You want to invest in macro, but chose to switch to a non-target to do accounting, because you "need some sort of job security". That's not exactly the mindset of a successful investor. Why don't you see how you like the accounting job, find a niche that excites you and then go from there. Often we have a a wrong picture of jobs that sound promising, but really as a student you don't know what you'll like/are good at it.

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Mar 7, 2019
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