Northwestern University’s Reputation in Asia

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I'm an incoming freshman at NU (deferred due to military service) from Singapore, and i'm interested in returning to Asia to work again after graduating. However, I spoke recently to a family friend from JP Morgan and it feels like NU's reputation in Asia isn't as strong as what I'd hoped it'd be. Particularly, I got the impression that unless I was in an Ivy it would be extremely difficult to land an IBD position in Singapore.

How true is this, and what is the general impression of Northwestern in Asia, particularly in Singapore, for IBD. Furthermore, is it worth transferring to an Ivy such as Penn or Cornell?

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I know a couple of people from NU at the BB I'm at in HK, but all the Singapore SAs though were from local universities (NUS/SMU) if that helps.

Even when I was recruiting most of the guys I talked to were from local universities come to think of it...

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