Not coming from a business major

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I'm currently about to enter my senior year as an engineering major and have decided I want to pursue a career on Wall Street, does not having a degree in finance or business in general hurt me? It's to late to change majors now but I would love some feedback on what I can do to improve my chances of getting into the industry.

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May 13, 2018

Not having a business major is fine, as long as you have the relevant finance internship experience to back it up. Many people from STEM fields end up on Wall Street, especially in sales & trading. I myself will be doing investment banking after doing engineering undergrad.

The problem is, it sounds like you've decided on this very late in your college career, and likely don't have an internship in finance lined up for this summer. Are you from a target (top tier school with a lot of on-campus recruiting for finance) or non-target school?

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May 14, 2018