Not Sure What To Pursue - Any Advice? [4.0, 2 IB summers, 1 ER summer)

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I am currently a Senior at a City University in New York and am hoping to get some advice from the community. I have 2 IB summer internships, and most recently completed an equity research internship at a bulge bracket bank. Unfortunately, I did not receive a return offer (due to my non-core school, and politics). However, I have 3 strong references including the Director of Research of the dept who called me and told me he wants to be a reference since I am "the sharpest intern he's seen in a while".

Now my problem is... I do not know what I want to pursue. I don't know if I want to do equity research, or asset management. I definitely do not want to do IB or S&T. My mentors are pushing me towards the buy-side, but I am not too sure yet and would appreciate any advice on how to approach this. I currently have a 4.00 cumulative and major GPA and believe I can cast my net as wide as I'd like as long as I find something I am genuinely interested in.

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Aug 12, 2018