Notre Dame vs. Brown for VC? Master's Program in Tech Entrepreneurship

I recently got into 2 grad programs and I'm trying to figure out which one to attend. Any suggestions or insights are appreciated!

Goal: Eventually get into VC in the US.

* International student graduated from a top 15 liberal arts college/Econ major
* Almost 1 year of blockchain startup experience in US since graduation but the venture discontinued
* 2 boutique PE summer internships in US; top VC and IBD internships in Asia
* Need STEM from these programs for OPT/working visa extension which is crucial for international grads

Notre Dame: ESTEEM
* Master's Program in Entrepreneurship, Technology & Innovation
* Class profile: 45 students, 30% international, a lot ND undergrads, mostly engineering background
* Pros:
1. Great faculty and staff who are very helpful and willing to offer a lot of resources
2. Directly managed by the school's entrepreneurship center and under business school, engineering school and science school. A lot of direct resources to use.
* Cons:
1. Location: 2 hour drive from Chicago. I would assume there will be less opportunity for networking and internships outside the school.
2. Timeline: the program starts in June which means I will not be able to do a VC summer internship.
3. International reputation: not as well-known as Brown internationally. I care about international reputation because my back up plan would be to get into VC in Asia.

Brown: PRIME
* Master's Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
* Class profile: 25 students, only 2 Americans, mostly engineering background
* Pros:
1. Location: Better location than ND as it is 1 hour away from Boston, which makes it easier for networking and potential part time internship opportunity in Boston.
2. International reputation: Brown has better reputation internationally just because it is "Ivy League", which might help networking.
* Cons:
1. Under engineering school but not directly under the school's entrepreneurship center.
2. No business school which means it might lack career services resources and relevant alumni for their grad students.

Major questions:
I know either program will place me anywhere in VC. I'm trying to leverage the resources and network of the school to enhance my chance to break into VC. So my questions are:
* Which school has better reputation in VC and tech startups in the US?
* Which school has stronger network in VC?
* Any suggestions on how to get into VC based on my background?

Thank you so much!

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Apr 12, 2018