Now you can download Wall Street’s favorite networking tool (for free)

I have not used this tool personally but would be interested in hearing from anyone that has found it more helpful than LinkedIn/other networking resources. At the very least, it seems like it could be another useful tool to make sure that you're up to date on a contact's business/industry.

From the article:

RelSci has become a favorite tool of some of the biggest banks and companies in the world. It scrapes data from thousands of sources to let you know exactly how you're connected to just about anybody in the world as well as the best way to get in touch with them.

Last week, it released an app that makes one of the most popular features of its $9,000 a month (base level) enterprise service available for iPhone users for free. The company has raised $90 million for the platform, has 550 corporate customers, and 500 employees after just 18 months.

The app, Mine, syncs up with your phone contacts and LinkedIn network, then delivers curated updates on professional contacts and their companies. It's not just press releases or articles.

"We integrate data from depending on how you count it, tens to hundreds of thousands of sources," CEO Neal Goldman says. "These are not things that would come in as a news alert: government filings, filings nonprofits make with the IRS, and very esoteric forms like Form Ds."

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