NYC MM Hedge Fund Drug Test

Hi all!

I am joining a MM hedge fund based in NYC soon and have been informed I will have a drug test, I presume in the next coming weeks. I have been smoking weed a fair amount, so anticipate waiting a while before doing the drug test, which should be okay with respect to timelines.

However, I know that NYC employers are not permitted to test for THC prior to employment (other than some exceptions). On top of this, Cuomo legalized in NY this morning with the new york times saying new yorkers are legally able to smoke up in the street of NYC as of today.

My question is:

  1. Will I be tested for THC?, ie is a MM HF perhaps one of the exceptions to the testing pre-employment? I'm inclined to think no as it doesn't explicitly fall under the list of types of employers that are exempt. So I have no concern?


2.  Does Cuomo's signing today render THC not an 'illegal substance' (the phrasing used in my contract), meaning that this is now all moot, and as if it were on par with alchohol? So again I have no concern?

Please let me know thoughts, much appreciated to all!

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