NYC Roommate - If anyone is still looking

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Definitely a bit late to the game but figured it was still worth posting in case anyone is in the same position. Moving to NYC to start my job early July (from the Midwest), will be working in DCM at a relatively unknown bank. Just started looking at apartments, browsing some on Craigslist and checking out different sites - figured i'd make a post here too (couldn't remember old login info). Looking to live somewhere within walking distance of my work (20 minutes) - near JP Morgan in Midtown Manhattan. I've been checking Murray Hill primarily, but am open to pretty much anywhere in the area. 22 year old male if that matters - definitely like to keep things fairly clean & picked up, but have lived with 4 other guys in college so can adapt to about anything. Looking to keep it around $1600, but have a bit of flex. If anyone is interested or feels like sharing advice, just let me know!

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May 22, 2019