NYU (Econ) Vs. Northeastern

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Hey guys, I am currently deciding between NYU and Northeastern, and I wanted to know which of these schools would prepare me best for a good finance career in Investment banking, consulting, investment management, or real estate finance.

NYU - I got accepted for Econ in the college of Arts & Sciences. I know it's not Stern, and I don't know how much of a disadvantage I will be at for being in econ and not in the business school. Is it even worth it to go to NYU? NYU is higher in the rankings than Northeastern.

Northeastern - I got accepted for finance in the business school. I read a post on here about networking using Northeastern's co-op program, and landing an IB position might be harder here because it's not a target school.

What would you guys recommend?

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  • Prospect in CorpFin
Apr 2, 2020

NYU and it's not close

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Apr 2, 2020

NYU and transfer to Stern half-way.

Apr 2, 2020