NYU Economics versus Fordham Business?

Hi all,

I really don't know where to post this and I'm almost positive someone will get mad at me for putting it here, but I figured others may be willing to give me some solid advice.

Just to jump right into it, I am currently a sophomore at Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business. I have pretty decent stats as of right now, so I wanted to see if I could transfer; however, I am not entirely sure how helpful it would even be.

My most realistic option (and desired) would be NYU's lib arts economics program since Stern wouldn't look my way for a second. However, almost all of my mentors/professors have said that they can't imagine a degree from NYU lib arts being worth more than a business degree from Fordham.

Main point: if you had the chance, would you transfer from Fordham's GSB to NYU's liberal arts economics program?

Thank you all! Have a good day.

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Jan 23, 2020 - 10:56am

PM me and we can discuss off line. I was faced with the same decision as you and can fill you in on why & how I made my decision.

Jan 24, 2020 - 8:49pm

I suppose economics is technically liberal arts but hearing it described that way (twice) sounds weird and makes me wonder if you framed it in a way that caused the people advising you to be biased. Lot of IB folks were Econ majors, it's not the same as History.

  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Jan 25, 2020 - 12:32am

I go to Stern. I don't know what the price difference is, but unless non-Stern NYU is cheaper, I don't think it adds enough value to Fordham Gabelli for you to go there.Yes, they get access to the same OCR as Stern, but in practice, only the top ~5% of CAS students have access to comparable opportunities (very clear employer preference towards Stern kids). That, plus the fact that an increasing number of Sternie opt to double major in CAS to differentiate themselves from their peers, which negates the differentiation advantage that CAS used to have.

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