Oak Hill Advisors Client Coverage Analyst

I have an incoming interview with Oak Hill Advisors, and the position is Client Coverage Analyst. I am kind of confused about the job responsibilities of this position. Looks like this job is about doing administrative works for the team and the client instead of doing fundamental financial analysis. Does anyone have any comment on the job description below? Thanks!

Role Description
The position is based in New York City but will require interaction with our offices around the globe. The individual will join a team of 16 that is responsible for raising new capital and servicing the firms existing clients and, as such, the individual will have the opportunity to contribute to both new business development and investor relations. The candidate will acquire knowledge of debt capital markets, private investments, portfolio construction and will interact with all parts of the firm. The individual will, among other things:
• Be part of a growing, team-oriented firm where work ethic, professionalism and initiative are of paramount importance
• Participate in a short training program to familiarize themselves with the instruments, structures and systems used on a daily basis
• Maintain all client marketing materials
• Prepare for and attend meetings on site for both new and existing clients
• As part of a team, prepare all requests for proposals (RFPs) and all other client related queries
• Work with portfolio management, accounting, legal and compliance to provide timely responses to all client inquiries
• Prepare monthly and quarterly client reporting, including commentary
• Gain a deep understanding of global credit markets
Skill Set
• Strong quantitative, analytical and organizational skills
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• 1-3 years of relevant work experience
• Strong work ethic and a proactive, team oriented approach
• A desire to improve efficiency
• An ability to manage a large volume of work in a fast paced, high energy environment
• An interest in building and maintaining client relationships
• Excellent academic record
• Good knowledge of Excel, Word and Power Point.

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Oct 8, 2016 - 4:33pm

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