Odd-Referred to scheduled time w/ BB analyst alum- never responded-anyone experience same? insight?

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Aug 10, 2017

Jesus christ I read this thing like 5 times and I still don't understand. I'm sorry please just ask your question and explain your story in a different way.

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Oct 30, 2017


Aug 10, 2017

No, people are just busy. There was another story just like this. I would just forget about it and move on simply because it's kind of a waste of time at this point. Go for analyst X

Aug 10, 2017

how long is the wait? I've once had an analyst ignore me for a month before reaching out and apologizing

Aug 10, 2017

I had a similar experience. Except, it wasn't an alum, but was an analyst that I was introduced to. We schedule an appointment and he doesn't call, so we reschedule and the same thing happens again. However, he stops responding after that, its been a few months now and I have send ~8 emails following up, but no response.

It does get frustrating, very frustrating! I understand what comes with the analyst job and you cant always make time, but to completely stop responding! I don't think its your resume because if he doesn't like your resume he can still take the call and just say he will forward it to HR or not even say anything.

I think you will just have to let it go and move on, imo. What do the rest of the monkeys think?

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Best Response
Aug 10, 2017

Unless he's a massive dick, I seriously doubt he'd just cancel on you because of your resume without saying. He's probably just really busy and has more important things to do and didn't get the chance to cancel - it happens. You'd be surprised - I've had people I've sent emails to respond weeks later. It's just a numbers game you gotta just keep grinding and networking.

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Aug 10, 2017

Exactly what Howard said. Sure it would be nice to take 1 minute to respond "Busy gotta reschedule for another time." but still.

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