Off cycle Associate opportunity, final round interview invite then this, how should I handle it?

I'm recruiting for an off-cycle Associate position in London at a large bank. I got through to final rounds, and they actually invited me to final rounds and asked for my availability, then went non responsive for a week. They finally got back to me saying that they're holding up interviews to determine next steps for the opening, and that they'll reach out when those next steps have been determined.

Does this mean that they're just probably changing their mind on hiring someone? Or that they already gave an offer out and are waiting to hear back (can't imagine this to be the case given the invitation to final rounds)? Could it be something more mundane like trying to reschedule final rounds to make better use of time for seniors doing them (i.e. change individual interviews to a superday)?

Should I just assume that this is done and move on? Is there really any serious chance that they'd hold up interviews and then come back to decide to still have them? Just doesn't look good IMO.

I got this position through a relatively senior recommendation, though in another office and group. I've known the recommender for a while. Should I go back and ask his advice or would that be strange?