Off-cycle competitiveness


How does the competitiveness of Off-Cycle internships in IBD compare to summer internships in the UK?

I am going into a masters in September and was considering wether I should apply for summer or off-cycle internships. So far, all the banks i've contacted have stated given I graduate Summer 2018, I am not eligible for a summer 2018 internship and should apply for the off-cycle route.

My second question is how would I fare against the competition?
My profile is:
- Accounting and Finance at a target (graduated 2016)
- Masters (non-finance) at a target during the 2017-18 academic year
- MO internship at J.P. Morgan during my UG
- 2 Start-ups I've worked for since graduating in 2016
- Managed to secure a short 2-4 week internship at an independent corporate finance advisory firm this summer - who do transactions around the PS5-30m range.

My major worry here is that many off-cycle applicants may have BB IBD summer internships, making it tough for me.

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Jun 5, 2017