Offer Compare: Bridgewater/Top BB/Prop Shop

Hi there, I have got 3 offers from the companies mentioned above and I have 2 weeks to decide which to choose.

my background: in my late 20s, front/mid office quant at a big bank 

my goal: to be a portfolio manager on the buyside or in a management level position in S&T on the sell side in my 30/40s


Bridgewater portfolio associate: most prestigious brand out of the three, job function is to optimize portfolio allocation, but the job sounds mid-officey and I'm afraid I will be further away from my end goal if stay in this job for too long

BB front office quant: I like the product this job covers, good brand name, will have a good chance lateraling to big buyside hf/hft, but it's still a sell side quant position(meaning it doesn't have enough market exposure as traders, will spend most of time debugging/coding)

prop shop: junior trader, job function is very close to my future career goal, has a rotational program(discretionary/quant trading), but job stability could be low and not prestigious enough to lateral to bigger shops

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  • Associate 1 in S&T - Other
Dec 7, 2021 - 8:54pm

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