Offer Comparison: ZS Associates vs. Deloitte S&O vs. Accenture Strategy

Have an expiring offer from the above the 3 firms for full time in a major North American City (ex. New York/Chicago/Toronto/San Francisco) .

Looking for advice on 3 things:

  1. Most interesting work + opportunity to work projects with F500 companies
  2. Best Business School Opportunities (Or most prestigious to lateral to MBB)
  3. Best Culture / Employee Experience

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Sep 23, 2018

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Sep 26, 2018

S&O - Business school placement is top notch, great brand, lots of different types of established service lines to try out what you like.

Sep 27, 2018

First off - huge congratulations for nabbing those three offers. The hard grind finally paid off. In my interactions with those firms here's what I think:

ZS Associates - boasts the best data analytics + visualization program of the three. If you are in the strategy insights & planning program and you are looking for a business analyst type role after then go here. Comp growth is much lower than S&O.

Accenture Strategy - I have a friend that was in the Strategy Development Program down in Dallas. He loves the culture there, easy to stand out as a high performer. Starting comp is in line/higher than S&O, but like ZS the comp growth is slower. I believe you can bounce around functions + industries.

Deloitte S&O - arguably the most prestigious of the three. Comp starts at 80k + 12.5k signing. It's important to note here that although comp growth is greater than Accenture + ZS: THERE IS NO ANNUAL BONUS as a business analyst. It's just factored into your base growth. The culture in the NYC/SF locations are extremely fratty. Met a dude from the SF office and extremely disliked the way he talked about others and his attitude towards other firms. After new reorganization: you are aligned to a function, but can swap industries. Company wins most "strategy" projects, but may be fucked on an implementation project for a couple months as well.

Bottom Line to answer your question: Choose Deloitte S&O for most interesting projects and business school opportunities. Culture fit depends on the type of person you are.

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Oct 8, 2018

Having worked at Deloitte S&O and Accenture Strategy I can without a doubt pick Accenture Strategy.

My rationale
1) People. While people at both firms are equally smart folks at Deloitte have a certain arrogance / entitlement that can be annoying.
2) the culture at Deloitte S&O is akin to the hunger games. People are extremely competitive and only care about promotions and politics vs. learning. People At Accenture Strategy are more grounded perhaps because we lost out the popularity contest.

Overall, the work, travel, salary etc., is comparable though Accenture has better benefits 401k match of upto 6% (1.25 at Deloitte), Employee stock purchase program etc,

My recommendation is Accenture. Good luck

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Oct 8, 2018

Where you in the states by any chance? I actually ended up going with Deloitte, as I head it's less tech implementation + faster career trajectory, and the people at the office seemed really nice.

Oct 8, 2018