Offer Decision Help: BAML IBD vs Oppenheimer M&A

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I recently got two offers both in NYC. One is for a generalist associate position in the IBD group at BAML. The second offer is from Oppenheimer for an associate position in the M&A group. Obviously they are two totally different markets but I was wondering if anyone has any advice of the two offers. Thanks!

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Feb 23, 2010

The question becomes what do you ultimately want to achieve for FT position (im assuming this is a summer offer). If you intern at Oppenheimer and then decide to try GS/JPM or anyone else in the fall, you are going to have a hard time defending yourself on why you picked them over a BB.

Does Opco make FT offers to their summers?

Feb 23, 2010

It depends on your previous experience. I'm assuming this is for a summer position...
If you have had atlesat one BB summer position before, then you can go either way

If you have not had a summer position at a BB before, then go with BB, just because a BB position is structured and people will know the experience you have gotten out of it and it serves as a strong foundation for what you want to do in the future,

hope that helps and goodluck

Feb 23, 2010

The offer is for a summer associate position. This is my first position in IBD. I worked 3 years in public accounting. Thanks for your inputs.

Feb 23, 2010