Olin vs Mendoza

First time poster here. I was accepted to both Mendoza and Olin (w/equal scholarship) for my MBA. Post-MBA I will be looking to transition to consulting from my current background of specialized audit for a Big 4 firm. After reviewing the websites and talking to alumni for both schools I have come up with the following:

Attribute ND Olin
US News Rank 31 23
Median salary 105500 108000
Employed three months after graduation 88% 98%
Class size 122 145
Consulting (by industry) 15.10% 21%
Consulting (by industry) median salary 100,000 142,000
Consulting (by function) 20.40% 26%
Consulting (by function) median salary 100,004 141,000
West area placement 16.90% 24%
East area placement 15.70% 11%
Name Recognition Yes No
Alumni involvement Yes No
Campus recruitment strength 70.80% 50%

Additional programs
Corporate consulting practicums
Study abroad
Nonprofit consulting

Notre Dame
10 day immersion trips
Business on the front line

Alumni feedback
Notre Dame
Pipeline to Deloitte and many firms partners are former ND alumni. On campus recruitment big names are: Deloitte, PwC, EY and Booz.

Given the lack of on campus-recruitment you will have to fight for off-campus recruiters attention and leverage your network considerably. However, all the big firms and mid-tier have some Olin alumni in their ranks so it is doable.

The above data would suggest Olin is a more logical choice but I imagine there are some factors that I am forgetting. If you have any suggestions or additional information please let this over-analyzing human being know.

Thank you in advance!

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Jun 12, 2018