OMS CS GA Tech Part-Time

I am considering taking the GRE and applying for a part-time Masters in Computer Science at Georgia Tech to complete over three years while I work. I would take one class each semester and each summer (10 courses total).

I am going to work as a Quantitative Analyst very soon and I am not sure if the skills will be entirely relevant to what I want to do later in life.

Just for some background, I did not like school nor did I attempt to achieve excellence before two years ago. I had good standardized test scores and average grades which got me into a semi-target school. After taking my first Comp Sci class two years ago, I completed an accelerated major and got close to all As.

This plan would be an absolute grind for three years. I love Computer Science and Finance. Do you think its worth it?

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Nov 19, 2021 - 7:23pm

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