Online Course Suggestions During Quarantine

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What are some relevant RE online courses prior to a summer in RE Investment.

For RE, open to both software focused (Argus, RealData, etc.) or more general RE Investment or Development courses.

Also what are some good options to grow my Excel game, not necessarily focused in RE.

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Mar 25, 2020
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Apr 4, 2020

1.Join NAIOP, for COVID era, they are offering their on-demand courses for free. They're not bad if you've never had good practical experience in these courses.

  1. - all the knowledge you'd want on anything. When courses are on sale, they're usually $10.
Apr 6, 2020

Started the NAIOP Basic Real Estate Finance course today. They bring in a different person to give each of the eight lectures. After three lectures I've been able to listen to a developer, a private equity guy who runs his own shop, and a dude who runs the University of San Diego's MSRE program. Can't speak on any of the other courses yet but the amount of information a $75 student membership gives you access to seems like a pretty sweet deal.

For all you RE junkies, the developer from the first lecture recommended reading the National Real Estate Investor's daily "Must Read's" as a way to learn and stay informed about the state of the industry. They pull in articles from all over the internet which is cool.

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Apr 4, 2020

Adventures in CRE Accelerator is by far the best program out there. Nothing comes close. 100% worth the $650. So much free content from them as well.

Apr 4, 2020