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I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to where to start looking for an entry level operations job in an IB. Which site offers those kind of jobs? It has been really hard for me to find. Can anyone suggest any good websites for those jobs? Seems every company is hiring for manager level only.

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Jul 13, 2009

I know of multiple people who have landed operations gigs at a solid MM IB (through a temp agency) via postings on the site.

The temporary to permanent model is not necessarily glamorous, but it does have its benefits (real experience, resume bolstering, networking, a place to hangout while continuing your job search, and also a decent paycheck).

Also, I would recommend combing through temp agencies' websites regularly.

These tips may seem obvious, but I have seen them used effectively.

Good luck.

Jul 14, 2009

Did you just graduate or are you a rising senior? Normally stern would get ops from all BB for OCR, and 3.7 is well above the average applicant for these positions from stern.

I think if you want to do ops for a particular BB, you will have to either go through your school or the bank's site. Some people say it's pointless to submit through the site but you do have good grades. Recruiting should be comming around again in a few months anyways. I don't think BB's would hire for entry level on other external sites (monster?) especially in this economy. It seems like you might have just graduated, then it might be better to find out who at each of the BB's handles ops for your school, and call/email them.

Jul 14, 2009

I just graduated, and I did have a ops gig with a BB, but then got deferred a one year start due to economy. So I don't want to sit around, I want to look for other opportunities. Also, I can't even take advantage of on campus recruiting anymore since I graduated. So any tips would help.

Jul 15, 2009