Hello Mr. Smith,

My name is XXXXX, and I'm a real estate finance student at University of Alberta.

I found your profile via LinkedIn and I'm very interested in learning about your experience in [Specific CRE Area] and [Company Name] specifically.

Please let me know when/how best to reach you. It won't take any more than 15 minutes.

Best regards,

First Name Last Name
University of Alberta '19
[HyperLink to my LinkedIn]

The last 3 lines are my signature so its automatic. I've been reaching out to a few professionals in Toronto, my goals from this are:

  1. To get them on the phone for an informational interview. I live in a different city so unfortunately coffee meetings are not possible
  2. Assuming the informational interview goes well, I want to follow up later for the possibility of a summer internship this upcoming summer.

What do you guys think of my cold email template?

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make it slightly more tailored. What about their profile/company did you find interesting? How does this align with your goal. I know its annoying but imagine getting the same old messages.

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I will try to do that, I've been including an extra sentence that's super tailored for them (ex: I saw that you started in a research role similar to mine, etc.).

I've been careful not to make the email too long, some other posts say to keep length down. Do you think I'd be fine adding a few sentences?

Alberta ~ Toronto | Commercial Real Estate


Ditch the my name is--it's in your signature. Tell him when you are graduating from your school.

Tell him you were on LinkedIn learning more about companies that are most interesting to you, and came across his profile. Then insert a sentence about what his company is actually interesting to you--make it unique, not generic.

Then say you understand the request might seem odd, but that you'd be grateful for a few minutes of his time, whether it be for an email with some questions about his firm or a brief call if more convenient for him.

You want to go to email and away from LinkedIn ASAP. Then go for a phone call.


These are direct emails already, trying to close for a phone call. Thanks, you think I'd be safe fleshing out the emails a few sentences? I'm worried about making them too long and fluffy.

Alberta ~ Toronto | Commercial Real Estate


For comparison, here is mine. I get about 33% response rate on the initial email, and it probably bumps up to 50% or so after the first follow up a week later.


I hope that this email finds you well. My name is xxxxxx and I am a Master's Candidate in the Real Estate Development Program at xxxxxx. If you have any availability in the coming weeks, I would love to have the chance to get on the phone with you for 10-15 minutes to learn more about you, your firm, and your experience with the industry. I have attached my resume to give you an idea of my background, and look forward to hearing from you.

I don't tailor mine at all and I get an excellent response rate. My strategy of short & sweet seems to be working well. I usually have to limit myself to 5 initial emails and 5 follow ups a day. I've found that on some days (usually Fridays) I'll get way more responses than normal and then I'm having to sit by the computer all day long crafting responses and trying to figure out my calendar. My suggestion is to send them around 8:00am as most people read/respond to emails first thing when they get to the office. I've found that I have a much worse response rate for emails that go out mid-morning/after lunch. Also, I know that attaching the resume is a controversial topic, but honestly people can read between the lines and probably have a pretty good idea of why you are contacting them.


Very nice, I like your template. I started using my template today and have 2/7 replies so far (sent out in the afternoon, so maybe more to come tomorrow?).

Will definitely try morning emails as well as sending more on Friday.

I think I'll begin to attach my resume, I am going for the job, and sure it MIGHT lead to a lower response rate, however, the quality of responses in terms of chance of internships will increase since they'll know that I'm going for the job.

Alberta ~ Toronto | Commercial Real Estate


Do you guys think any hyperkink or link in the email increases the chance of your email getting caught in the spam folder?


I was thinking this earlier. But then I came to the conclusion that if the hyperlink gets stuck in the spam folder, wouldn't the receiver be risking not receiving like 30% of his emails? What if a broker is sending you property info but then it gets caught in the spam folder because of his hyperlink?

Just an opinion with no backing though. Welcome to other thoughts on this

Alberta ~ Toronto | Commercial Real Estate


The template above seems pretty solid, however I was always weary of attaching my resume right off the bat. Typically I waited for the person to ask for my resume before I sent it, but that is just me.

Below is what I used and it worked extremely well in undergrad as far as response rates go.

Hi [NAME],

As a fellow [school mascot] looking to get into the real estate industry, I was wondering if you had some time to shed some light on your experience(s) at [COMPANY].

I understand that this is a busy time for you, but I was hoping I could have 15 minutes of your time over the phone within the next week to learn about your experiences and expertise. I am more than happy to accommodate whatever time works best for your schedule.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Warm regards,
[linkedin hyperlink]

If you aren't reaching out to an alum (which I definitely recommend), I would change "as a fellow (school mascot)" to "as an undergrad".


I like yours too.

What did the interaction look like after? Cold Email > Informational Interview over Phone > Email for internship?

Alberta ~ Toronto | Commercial Real Estate


Yeah, in a way.

We would usually hop on the phone and talk about what they do/how they got there, then transition into what I want to. I would always make sure tell them I'm on the "internship search" or "search for full time when I graduate" so that they were aware of my situation. Saying this was a nice way of prompting them to talk about the opportunities at their firm. If it didn't prompt them to talk about it, I would then ask them in the call what their opportunities look like.

The biggest thing that helped me out wasn't being too pushy with asking for opportunities at their firm, but asking who else they recommend I speak to. You'd be surprised how fast your network grows and who you meet when you do this a few times.

A few times, when it felt right, I would ask them if they wanted to grab coffee as well.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply, I've gotten a few calls set up already in a few days. I'll use some of your topics and try to research what else to ask for. First time really calling for an informational interview.

I appreciate your help ODC

Alberta ~ Toronto | Commercial Real Estate


No sweat.

Just keep it up, you seem like you're on the right track. And don't worry if the first one doesn't go so well, you'll get better at asking questions and more comfortable as you talk with more people.

Hope all goes well.


<3 <3 <3

Alberta ~ Toronto | Commercial Real Estate


I think you have a good starting point and you are definitely right to try and keep it as short and condensed as possible.

I agree with previous posters about ditching the "my name is xxx" part. However, I would recommend not including your resume right off the bat for a cold email. I was told by several senior level guys that it's a little too much too soon for a cold introduction and if they open it up before responding and see something they don't like, chances are they won't reply at all. It's better to just wait until they ask for it. If you really want to get your resume out there, you could attach it in follow up emails with the people that have already taken the time to talk with you and shown some interest. I think the LinkedIn hyperlink in the signature is a more subtle way to add background information. Just make sure your profile is as sharp as possible.

I've never had the time to keep track of response rates, however I did send close to 1,000 emails during my networking phase before breaking into IB. My standard email template was as follows:

"Hello xxx,

I am a current student at xxx studying xxx, who is interested in a career in xxx. I'm reaching out to see if you'd be willing to set up a time for us to connect for 10-15 minutes over the phone.

While recently researching the industry, I came across your profile and noticed (something tailored to their profile). I'd love the opportunity to introduce myself as well as learn more about you and (firm name and/or industry). Let me know if there is a time that works best for you over the next few days - my schedule is flexible.




This is art

Alberta ~ Toronto | Commercial Real Estate

Best Response

Trial and error, my friend. If you plan on really pumping out a lot of emails and speaking with 50+ people in the industry, I recommend creating an excel spreadsheet that keeps names, contact info, schools, specific industries/teams/focus, etc. You'll also want to keep track of who introduced you to who when you start asking for referrals to other people you should talk to.

It is a numbers game. Hang in there, have a positive attitude when speaking, and always be thankful for other people's time. Best of luck!


Good practice. It's really annoying when the whole office gets spammed (sometimes multiple times) from one person.


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