Options for Junior Summer Internship?

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Hello all.

So rising senior at Cornell Uni here. Short version of story: Transferred in as junior, no prior finance experience (different major and career interests before I transferred). Got four BB interviews, no offers. One MD was kind enough to even tell me, performed well in interview, resume wasn't up to par. (junior doing his first finance gig).

At the moment, I'm reaching out to jobs I come across online outside of my career services (which doesn't really have much else.) Way I see it, I still have till June. A lot of positions are wrapping up and I know it. So doing everything I can right now. Applying to what is left, emailing Cornell alum, and started reaching out to PE/HFs offering to work for free over the summer for the experience.

At the moment, I have one unpaid offer in NYC at a brokeragehouse/investment bank (yes, they masquerade as this). Don't want to disclose company name, just know someone on here (Wall Street Oasis) referred to it as a "Chop shop". Internship is right on Wall Street. Not from NYC and have limited $$ for food and living.

Advice? Worst case scenario options? I was going to cold call an MD at Moelis at the Boston office to offer to work for free in their IBD over summer (family in Boston that said I could stay at their place).

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Mar 27, 2013

Do some more research on the company in question because you really don't want to have a name that is automatically thought of as a "chop shop" on your resume. Just try to keep networking and landing some offers. You still have a couple months to find a summer offer so see what else you can get.

Mar 27, 2013