Out of city internship cost and feasibility

Hi, I am a penultimate year student in my home country and currently are looking to apply to some internship for this upcoming summer. Apparently the opportunity to do the internship here in my home country is vastly scarce and limited due to a small presence of big banks. So  I am now venturing into the outside market for some opportunity, perhaps for a better chances and options.

With that, I am wondering whether company be it the Big Bucket or the small boutique one would take out-of-city or foreign intern and if yes, are there are any incentives or help apart from just visa guidance?

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Mar 29, 2021 - 6:06am

Hi there,

it would helpful to know from which or to which country/continent this scenario is referring to. Purely as an example, I am assuming you are not from the US and not from the EU but would like to do your internship in either one of those locations?

If you are referring to the US, the J visa might be applicable to you. It allows some students to temporarily live in the US and go through an internship or similar (i.e. au pair, intern, camps, etc).

I would also encourage you to go through corporate websites and see whether they have international internship programs.

Mar 29, 2021 - 6:18am

Thank you for the reply! I'm so sorry with my limited given information. Yes, I am from a country in South East Asia and planning to do internship(s) in rather more developed country with a strong presence of the big banks such as Japan, USA, UK, and Australia.

I am well aware that most company do help out with the visa, but I am more concern regarding the relocation cost associated with doing the internship out of my city. Will companies bear part of the cost, if yes, is that practices normal during hiring? Or I am expected to arrange all of the relocation on my own with my own cost and they will only pay the normal salary/allowance? I am asking specifically in the context of an intern hiring.

Thank you.

Mar 29, 2021 - 6:27am

First of all, many internships are virtual for now. There are few companies that are willing to go ahead with a f2f course, if you do have admission to such a course I would expect relocation assistance. Our interns get this assistance for both domestic and international moves.

Contact the firm you are applying to or have admission to and ask how the process is.

Best of luck.

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