Out of Grad school: CRA or Quantitative Roboadvisor to AM/PM

Hi all, I'm a graduate student at one of the top 10 European universities (DACH) and am working part-time for a European CRA's SF team since I began my Master's more than a year ago. I'm going to finish this year, and have been applying to jobs for a taste of the local jobs market before I make a final decision. I already have a few offers, though, and would like some feedback. I have a background in math and financial econometrics, and have a top tier academic publication in portfolio management theory. I am also managing my university's endowment fund and have some shiny recommendations from the lot. The goal is to get into investment research at a HF/AM somewhere down the line.

The CRA I'm at are offering me an Analyst role with a higher than average salary, and a CFA sponsorship. The second is a quantitative strategist role at a top European roboadvisor, that I can't name but they've got some big AMs backing them. The salary there is best of the lot, but they are still a startup. The other two are mid-office roles at two of the big four audit firms in advisory (modelling and such), which I'm pretty much certainly going to decline (applied to get a taste for the process).

I know I need to learn and I know I eventually want to get into quantitative macro strategies or a related cross-asset investment research role, but I wonder if any of these fit the bill. Any help would be appreciated!

All Europe

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Mar 6, 2019