Out of Undergrad: MM PE or MBB Consulting

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Hey WSO,

Currently a senior debating between two options to start at out of undergrad:

1.) Consultant at MBB
2.) Analyst at MM PE Firm

Really love the people at both and could see myself fitting in great at either choice. I recognize that the work I'd be doing at each of these is drastically different, but from my research I would really enjoy each - no real way to find out which I'd like more until I actually do both jobs.

Down the road (very long term, ~20 years maybe) I'd like to go into a CorpDev/CorpStrat role and tone down my hours a bit.

1) I know that MBB provides a great opportunity for this, but would I be equally competitive coming from a PE background?
2) What kind of exit opportunities are there for PE? (couldn't find to much info on this; I assume most people stay in PE)
3) Would it be more difficult to get into a top business school from PE? I know MBB has a plethora of sponsors providing a pipeline to top programs, what about PE firms who have a much smaller # of employees?

Finally: if anyone happens to have experience in both and wanted to share their experience about each and what made them prefer one over the other, it would be extremely helpful.

Again, these are both assuming I enjoy the work and culture at each equally. I'm neutral towards travel at the moment.

Really appreciate any insights anyone is willing to offer. Thank y'all very much.

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Oct 18, 2018