Overcoming Confidence Issues

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Hey guys, just wanted to know if anyone else has been through this and how to overcome it best.

Throw your monkey shit, call me entitled, whatever you'd like, I really just want advice so I can be better.

Went to an extreme non target, started the finance game late and double majored in accounting and finance. Went on to work in consulting (big 4 accounting) doing very niche advisory work for FIG type companies (banks, insurance, wealth/asset management), think Finance Transformation, quantitative risk modeling, etc. Also took CFA to make myself appear more finance based vs consulting.

Networked my ass off using every type of connection I could, got some interviews in tier 2&3 cities for boutique IB shops, but for some reason I just don't have confidence going into these interviews. I have valuation and modeling experience, albeit it's all from the undergrad initiatives I took (investment fund, finance club, self practiced DCF using wall street prep), but for some reason when it comes time to interview, maybe its my own insecurity of not coming from a banking background, but I just feel inadequate. Is the only way to overcome this to keep practicing models over and over till I can do them/speak on them in my sleep and practice technicals repeatedly?

I'm usually a very confident person, do well in all other aspects where confidence plays a role, except breaking into boutique IB firms from consulting. I feel like I come off nervous, low self esteemed, and like a charity case. I know most people can say just keep working in consulting and get an MBA and move over as an associate, but the value I want from IB is most attained in these 2-3 year analyst programs (it can be your own opinion that you don't learn much and can get these skills elsewhere, but this is just my belief). I'm one year into consulting but want to make the jump ASAP. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to break in, how can I be more confident in interviews? Thanks in advance.

TLDR: Quantitative experienced consultant looking to break into IB at analyst level with confidence issues looking for solution to overcome

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Sep 11, 2018