Owning a Dog in IB - Incoming Associate

I will be starting full-time as an Associate in NYC. I'm planning on reaching out to the juniors in my group to get their thoughts but wanted to hear what the internet thinks as well. I own a 7 month old pup that will be about a year old by the time I start full-time. I'm single and live alone in my own studio downtown (I'm happy, don't worry). I'm interested in hearing from people with similar profiles to myself, including analysts, since I see myself working more like an analyst than a traditional associate for the first two years.

I'd also be interested to hear some thoughts on how people think the pandemic will shape culture in IB in terms of working from home hours after a vaccine has been administered to 70% of the population in the US. Is it crazy to think that maybe I'll be able to work from home like I did in the internship after a certain hour so I can walk my dog at night?

Any helpful tips and services for getting through IB with a pet as a single person? 

Did people move physically close to their offices so they can walk their dogs while on the desk?

Do people hire dog walkers to walk their dogs one to two times a day?

Do people hire doggy day care? 

What percentage of my income should I expect to allocate toward caring for the dog while I'm working full-time above the normal expenses like food, toys, medical etc. It would be helpful to starting budgeting and planning ahead.

Thanks for your help, please do not throw shit at me.



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Jan 10, 2021 - 2:22pm

How could you even think about owning a dog if you're already your MD's bitch?

In all seriousness, please consider giving your dog away. Raising a dog is a lot of commitment and unless you're going to be working from home for the next 10+ years, you're not doing your dog or yourself a favor. 

Dogs need someone to spend a lot of time with them. You need to take them out for a walk at least once a day; You need to do some basic training; and feed them.. If you're leaving your dog at a day care center most of the times and not do these things yourself, your dog probably won't even recognize you as the owner and your place as home. You'd be ruining the poor dog's life and possibly yours.

  • Analyst 2 in IB-M&A
Jan 10, 2021 - 2:26pm

I don't care what anyone says, you are selfish for getting a dog that you won't be able to care for and give it the time/attention it needs.

The only time it would be fine is if you have a family/spouse with a 9-5 that can take care of it

  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Jan 10, 2021 - 2:30pm

Assuming you got the dog knowing that you'd be starting an IB role, I don't know what you were thinking tbh. It's not feasible at all in normal circumstances and even if you remain WFH, if you read any of the other posts on here about how you are chained to your desk all day, its not a great environment to own a dog either - let alone a puppy. I echo the above and encourage you to give it away or give it to a family member who can spend more than 1 hour a day with the dog. A cat would be a more feasible pet to have in this industry as a single associate

Jan 10, 2021 - 3:18pm

Typical MBA associate behavior, so useless!


In all seriousness, give that dog away, you won't be able to give your dog the life it deserves. This might be a few years of your life, but it'll be more than half of your dogs. Does it really deserve to be alone for half of its life? Give it to your parents or nut up and find a wife who can take care of it for you.

Jan 10, 2021 - 3:46pm

my gf and I had a cat (ragdoll) when we were younger and had to give the cat to my gf's sister. we were both too busy, unfortunately.


Jan 11, 2021 - 3:24am

So this was our first cat as well, we wanted some semblance of a suburbian life in the city. We picked a ragdoll cat because they are indoor cats mostly (and you can't let them out in the city). After a few months the cat showed symptoms of depression and didn't eat a lot. Initially we thought she had some form of medical issue, but when we drove out to my gfs parents the cat was suddenly fine (played in the garden, looked at fish in the pond, etc).

We figured she'd be happier outside of a city with more human interaction. maybe it was because she is a ragdoll, or maybe she didn't like city life. either way she is fine now and we no longer have a cat :(


Jan 10, 2021 - 4:20pm

i had a dog as an mba associate.


i also had a wife that was home a lot, so thats that


if you dont have a SO at home..forget about it

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Ind
Jan 10, 2021 - 4:41pm

I know one associate who lived 10 minutes away from the office, so most days during lunch and dinner, he would go home to spend that time with his dog. I don't think that's why he lived close to the office though. 

Jan 10, 2021 - 4:48pm

I echo the above sentiment about how poor an idea it is to adopt / raise a dog while starting in IBD. You will not be able to give the dog the time it needs. It's not sufficient to simply take the dog out 3x per day or hire a dog walker to do so. Dogs are social animals with complex psychology. If you're not there for it physically to give it the time it deserves (and believe me, you won't be) then you cannot responsibly raise the dog. Do it a favor and don't try raising it while in IBD.

  • Analyst 2 in IB - Gen
Jan 10, 2021 - 8:00pm

Would highly recommend getting a cat if you want a pet. Even with WFH, my cat is still pretty aloof and only wants to play for 30 mins a day, and then goes and does his own thing for the rest of the day. Only thing you might have to consider is getting it declawed, since some nyc apartments require that.

Jan 10, 2021 - 9:01pm

Yeah the only juniors I know with dogs have partners. It'll be a little more manageable while we're WFH but there will probably be times where you'd have to outsource walks even while at home. 

Jan 11, 2021 - 11:16am

I think it's incredibly selfish to get a dog when you know it's unlikely you'll have time to take care of it properly. Maybe once you have a family including kids...but until then it's way too brutal on the dog. 

Jan 12, 2021 - 4:16pm

A dog is not some sort of accessory to fit in with your NYC studio apartment. A puppy needs individualized love, care, and attention, not be thrown in some daycare and walked by some random dog walker because you don't have the time to spend with him or her. Give away the dog, it's incredibly selfish what you're doing (or planning to do).

Jan 13, 2021 - 1:39am

They can have massive separation anxiety if you so much as step out without them and they identify you as their owner, even if there are other people left in the house. They'll also demand your attention all day. It's just in their nature. Enjoy your remaining free time but it's best for it if you rehome it before you start.

I'm not the owner of any pets, but I live with one (he belongs to a family member), and he begs attention even from mePre pandemic, IB life, I'd say I saw him for about 15 seconds in the morning when I got up for work and 15 seconds late at night when I got home

  • Senior Consultant in Consulting
Jan 13, 2021 - 4:45am

As a fellow dog owner myself, I want to provide some positive feedback and useful advice but I do agree that it depends on the breed. If you have a greyhound (who sleep 16-18 hours a day even as adults) or dachshunds (independent breeds) then you should be ok. What breed is it?

Jan 13, 2021 - 5:03pm

I would recommend not reaching out to the juniors since you will then be labeled the person who thought there was a chance that they could commit to walking their dog, whether WFH or the office (bottom bucket vibes before even starting FT). Short answer is no you cant, if you want to do a good job, unless what you outsource it fully (someone to feed AND walk your dog every day - but at that point, why have a dog besides to add to your hinge profile). If you're on a live deal, even if WFH, you should expect to be glued to your chair, no, nobody cares that it's "just" 10 minutes the way nobody says a missing period in a footnote is "no big deal"

Yes it is crazy to think you can work from home after a certain hour, please dont do this to a dog or yourself really, 

Jan 13, 2021 - 8:32pm

giving a puppy attention all day during this pandemic, then going full days without seeing them is going to be a challenging adjustment for you and the dog. please consider putting them up for adoption. going to be tough to grind it out at work knowing your puppy is by themself wondering where you are. 

Jan 13, 2021 - 9:37pm

Wow. I did not expect this thread to be so harsh. I don't think you need to give your dog away (lol) here's why: 

1) First of all, we're going to be remote until probably almost a year from now realistically. Your dog will be almost two by then and I'm sure you've gotten a lot of good bonding time in over quarantine already.

2) Secondly, and more importantly, you will probably only last about a year in IB and then you can both move on and live a normal life. 

3) Thirdly, maybe you will find a girlfriend. Who knows!

Jan 14, 2021 - 4:33pm

pessimistic view, but growing closer to the dog during this while not working is going to make it harder for the dog to adjust once OP is in the office pulling all nighters. can't operate under "might last only a year in the job, and maybe i'll find a gf" 

  • Analyst 1 in IB - Ind
Jan 14, 2021 - 11:37pm

Mba associates tend to last longer Tbf... also 1-2 years is a good chunk of a dogs life.

Jan 15, 2021 - 1:40am

I feel terrible for what that puppy will go through once you go back to working in the office and only see it once a day. Dogs can develop depression, and I think that this is a very likely outcome. Please do the right thing for your dog's sake and give it to someone who will have time to give it attention.

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