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I am currently experiencing a plight of choosing between two vastly different careers; and that is investment banking or medicine. I am currently enrolled in a Post Baccalaureate pre-medical program at an ivy league university, which itself is quite a selective program, and whose rigor virtually guarantees admission into medical school. However, I am uncertain if I really want to pursue a career in medicine, as I have always had an ardent interest in Finance and Economics. Hence, I have always considered Investment Banking as a career option. Although the profession boasts a high salary, and a great amount of prestige, I have been advised that it is not the best career to go into, as it is full of insecure, malicious narcissist who crave to be the center of attention. More specific to my circumstances is deciding between taking a leave of absence for this semester, and using that time to prepare for the GMAT, or continuing on with the program. I have been eyeing on the Masters in Financial Economics program at Oxford for quite some time now; however, even after attaining a sufficiently high gmat score, the prospects of being accepted into this master's program are bleak and meagre, as my undergraduate GPA of 3.2 is quite low relative the minimum of 3.5, and I only have one year's work experience in form of unpaid internships. I could continue studying for the GMAT while in this pre-medical program, but I will only be pulling two horses with the same rope; an act that will only expend needless energy and time. My question is quite simple, what would you do in my situation given my circumstances?

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you

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Sep 23, 2015

I highly recommend doing homework on the Said business school as it is a very young program (Est. 1996). I know a few people who attended the school and they say that it has a very small alumni base which was not great despite having the prestigious association with Oxford.

Also, as for your description of IBD... Ouch!

Sep 27, 2015