For those folks who have gone through the final round for PAG at BlackRock.

Could you guys tell me what the interviews were like and what kind of technical questions they asked (I've heard they ask you pretty tough technical questions)?

Would appreciate any input!


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You will be interviewed by four people ranging from associates to managers. They will ask you a lot about what is happening in the current markets, where all the current interest rates are, and where have they been historically. They also throw about two to three brainteasers at you. Definitely also know about your bond analysis (yields, concavity, and such). The whole thing will last about three hours tops.

Best of luck! You get a response within a week of the final round. The sooner they call, most likely means yo got the offer. Great group to work for though.


how technical does first rounds get though? ive heard that it's more of a fit, but...


first round is fit, with maybe one question on your knowledge on market


kbluearmor7- do you mean convexity by chance?


Yes I do mean convexity... good catch.



I have a first round summer OCR interview for this group in 1.5 weeks.

From what I hear, the first round is mostly fit. And the Superday is heavy on technicals.

I see that some examples of technical questions BR likes to ask have already been listed, and I have a couple more questions:

1) What exactly is the Blackrock culture? I hear that the people are nice, but beyond that is there anything they are looking for?

2) Any more types of technical questions I should focus on?


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