Passing on Opportunities / Building Buy-Side Relationships

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Hello WSO,

Wanted to ask for help with a current situation I'm facing.

I was recently approached for a buy-side opportunity in the industry that I cover. I was upfront in telling the internal, firm-recruiter (ie, from the company not a head-hunter) that I was not actively looking for new opportunities, but I'd be happy to learn more about the position and potentially pass on to a couple friends.

Highlights of the position:

  • "Senior Financial Analyst" - Corp Dev, willing to look at little experience if the fit is right.
  • 85-100K Base +10-15% Bonus
  • Agressive M&A Plans. Public Company - Clean Balance Sheet. Fast Growing sector of the business.
  • "Management Track"

So, a few questions

1) Would it be wrong of me to suggest this opportunity to a guy in my current group who seems like a perfect fit? He has shared with me that he is being payed below market by our firm but has not directly expressed any desire to make a move like this. Also, how else is the best way to inform my network?

2) How can I build a relationship for myself with this firm for potential exits in 3 - 5 years time?

3) How can I build a relationship for my bank considering this company's deal appetite? Industry, size and location are all perfect fits.

Should I:
- Go on to interview with them and build a relationship with the guys in the group that way? Even if I'm not really interested
- Step outside of the direct recruiting process and have coffee / informational with heads of Corp Dev team?
- I use my association with my old student org IB club to network with higher ups?

Thanks for your input!

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Apr 24, 2017


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Apr 24, 2017
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