Paths for Computer Engineers to Wall Street?

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Hey everyone,
I'm a first-year computer engineering student at the University of Waterloo (Canada). I enjoy studying my field but wish to pursue a business career. I want to follow the path of successful businessmen like Michael Bloomberg and Jeff Bezos who studied computer engineering in undergrad but worked on Wall Street after they graduated to gain business experience.
1. Does studying at a lesser known in university (lesser known in the US but regarded as the best engineering university in Canada because of opportunities to co-op at big tech companies like Google and Microsoft) hinder my chances of being hired by Wall Street?
2. If I don't get hired on Wall Street... Once again, does the lesser known factor of my undergraduate institution hinder my chances of getting into a top business school?
3. If the answer to both questions above is "yes"... I believe I have two options:
A. I can take the SATs and transfer to an American university.
B. I can apply to Richard Ivey Business School in Canada - they send 25-35 grads to Wall Street each year.

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Mar 4, 2018