Real Estate Modeling Course

  • Real-life RE Modeling Tests from actual Interviews
  • Various asset classes including multi-family, commercial and more
  • Huge discount - until more tests and cases added

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  • VP in RE - Comm
Sep 9, 2021 - 11:00am

Can confirm, we are giving big bumps to VPs and below (20%+ base salary bumps, doubling up prior year bonuses). It's a hot market, time to get what you're worth!

  • Associate 2 in RE - Comm
Sep 9, 2021 - 11:19am

Curious to get your guys take on what the going rate (Base/Bonus/Carry) for an Associate/Senior Associate Acquisitions/AM role for someone with 5yrs experience in a Tier 1 market (BOS,LA,CHI,DC). Firm has about $3B AUM and invests/develops in the three major food groups (office, industrial, multi). From what I'm seeing I'm being paid more in line with Analysts with 2-3yrs experience in today's market but would appreciate any insight as to where I should start when my comp review comes up.

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  • Associate 1 in RE - Comm
Sep 11, 2021 - 5:28pm

Yeah you need to interview. I think if you applied for associate roles at pretty much any brand name shop comp would come in minimum $50k higher and as much as $125k higher.

But you still have to go out there and secure an offer. Just start throwing out applications and seeing what sticks. I interviewed probably two dozen places before landing an offer I was happy with.

Not every interview was my dream job, but all interviews are good practice so just start sending apps.

Also all of my comp data points are from the LP side. Maybe developer comps is different, idk

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Sep 10, 2021 - 9:37am

Semi-related, we're not getting pay bumps, which is just another great reason to leave. 

Commercial Real Estate Developer

Sep 10, 2021 - 10:58am

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