Pay for International Banks in NY: Nomura, Macquarie, BNP, Credit Agricole, Societe Generale, MUFG

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Hi all,

Trying to get an idea of first / second year analyst pay for the above banks, including base, sign on bonus, and end of year bonus? At street or slightly below?

Glassdoor and other sources on the web tend to be outdated so I'm trying to get an idea from people who've recently received offers.


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May 13, 2016

I know In my case, pay for SA is consistent with BB's before the bump last year.

May 13, 2016

Can confirm for at least 2 of those banks you listed, new analysts are offered $10k signing, $85k base (in line with BB).
Can't comment on overall year end bonuses across those banks - imagine also similar at the entry level.

May 13, 2016

Thanks, the overall trend I've seen is that international banks in NYC generally pay lower (and sometimes way lower) than their American counterparts. I guess the payoff is that lifestyle is generally better than BB. Although bonuses at CS and DB are both way down

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May 13, 2016