PE Analyst @ Insurance Co Investment Arm?

So, I was wondering how PE at investment arms at large insurance companies are looked at in terms of quality of role, prestige, pay and exit opps. The role would would engage in primary fund investments, co-investments and secondaries. Is this not really thought of as a "true" PE position?

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Aug 12, 2016


Sep 9, 2016

What are the backgrounds of the people working there? Will probably provide a good indication. The larger pension funds/insurance comps also hire ex BB IB and Direct PE people. Pay might be somewhat less, hours somewhat better.

Sep 9, 2016

Absolutely not, this wouldn't be considered a "true" PE firm.

Sep 9, 2016

Okay yeah that is what I assumed. I didn't pursue it anyway. I am currently in ER

Sep 10, 2016
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