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Hey guys,
It might happen that I could be offered a summer internship in a P.E and also a summer internship in a Search Fund.
Do you think a Search Fund internship is good enough? I think that the this type of business model is really interesting and has a lot of potential to grow.

what do you think?

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Feb 19, 2020

Search fund internships vary greatly between them. Who the managing partner is will play a big role in the experience you get. Things I would consider are, the managing partner's background (IB, Consulting, PE, Operations...etc), what others who have interned there have said about the experience, ask the managing partner if he/she will let you look at the cims business brokers send and if you will get any modeling experience.

Worst case scenario with a search fund internship is that you are only there to help cold call businesses to see if they want to sell their business.

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Feb 21, 2020

Than you for your response.
I talked to an intern and he told me that both partners are amazing and good to work with.
I had a phone called with one of them, and apart of having amazing CVs, he seemed very nice (no egos, and all the cliches of high finance).
The problem is, that it depends of how they will be in the summer, that I could join them or not.
Since I'm trying to break into M&A, do you consider this internship could increase my chances?

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Feb 21, 2020
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