PE Renewables energy infrastructure or PE FIG?

Senior undergrad in Scandinavia standing between choosing a part-time gig with PE within renewables energy infrastructure and PE FIG.

Most often, Scandinavian students work in these PE firms during masters to boost chances of landing BB IBD in London, but these two positions are very attractive to me and could be places I would want to work for even after a potential BB IB gig. I have an interests in working with investments in Asia, where my original plan was BB IBD then trying to find Asian related PE firms. However, both these firms seems like exit ops after BB IBD and I am not sure what to pick.

PE Renewables is relatively new and recently finished closing a ~$1bn USD fund focusing in Asia, which is the fund I would be working with. Seems like a really good firm future wise, recruiting loads of people who finished their BB IBD gigs. However, heard the pace is really slow in this industry and overall very niche but seems like hours are better with lower comp.

PE FIG is an established firm with good reputation that recently closed a ~$130m USD fund that focuses on FinTech/micro financing/financial institutions in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Not sure about future wise for this firm, as no one has done BB IBD before working there. However, a lot of people worked here during masters and landed BB IBD after.

Both firms ~100 employees.

PE Renewables I am considering going full time after masters
PE FIG I am considering BB IBD due to this team not being the "traditional prev. BB IBD people", so potential for comp does not seem that big.

Nevertheless, I am a monkey and know jackshit and think too much about future comp and possibilities. So I would like to ask what you would've picked and your thoughts.

Thank you for your time.

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