Peaky Blinders Haircut

So I'm thinking of trying out a new haircut, but I'm not sure if its unprofessional or not. Don't want it to effect any internship prospects. Was thinking about getting the same haircut as Tommy in the Netflix show Peaky Blinders.

What do you guys think?

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Dec 13, 2018

Not sure if troll post but I would be off-put by that haircut

Dec 13, 2018

Haha I'm deadass.

Dec 13, 2018

Do it.

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Jan 15, 2019

username checks out

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Dec 13, 2018

A gal's perspective... I don't think that the "Shelby" is unprofessional in the least, as you're speaking of short or damn-near sheared sides/back with a bit more length on top.

That being said, I've noticed that this sort of haircut can make some men look very boyish/younger-than-you-might-what-to-appear.

Of course depending on your facial structure and overall build and appearance, your mileage may vary.

Dec 13, 2018

Makes sense. All of the Shelby's look really young besides Arthur.

Jan 15, 2019

Wendy Rhoades?

Dec 13, 2018

I got that haircut two summers ago and honestly I loved it, great show too. But this summer I just wanted to be conservative during my internship. Think you'd be okay to roll with it but would test it out sooner than later in case the look does not suit you.

Dec 14, 2018

Depending on where you interview for internships, some may be off-put by what may be considered a "fashion-forward" haircut. I'd stick with a crew/ivy cut, then when you get the internship you can change your haircut.

Dec 14, 2018

An analyst I work with has a cleaner version of that cut and sports it well. If it looks good on you and you can pull it off clean then go for it. You should rock the Bateman cut like me.

Dec 14, 2018

For bonus points, get a swastika buzzed into the side so there can be no question as to your racial purity.

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Jan 15, 2019

You should get a haircut suitable for your face shape. Tom Shelby's style is only good if you are very thin with strong jaw lines. If you have a round and slightly fat face - might want to leave a bit more hair on the sides.

Jan 15, 2019

I'm so glad I'm bald, I don't envy you guys for having to put up with shit like this

Jan 24, 2019

The Tommy Shelby haircut is not professional


That said, all you have to do is blend the back and sides and you're fine. The harsh disconnect is the issue.

It's nowhere near as unprofessional as Arthur's haircut at least.

Feb 1, 2019

It's a good haircut if you have a defined jawline or a lean/defined face, I would say blend the sides and back instead of doing the harsh disconnect.

Feb 10, 2019

I would say I have seen some UBS guys wearing it in Zurich... I wouldn't

Feb 22, 2019

Why not Peaky Blinders Style? Take a look ->

Mar 3, 2019

I think you should rock it. Or at least rock the no side burns cut.

Mar 4, 2019