Penalty for overshooting?

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Curious on people's thoughts on this one.
While looking for experienced hire positions at a consulting firm which will remain nameless, I found a somewhat vague description among the current openings that turned out to be for a case team leader position. I applied even though I'm under qualified for that title considering I've never done any consulting before even though prior consulting experience was not required.
The question I have is will this have negative repercussions if I apply to lower positions or any other blowback?

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Mar 21, 2011

you'll get remembered for it by hr, thats for sure. team leader with no experience? think it through....

Mar 22, 2011

the descriptions for team leader and module leader (the position I am qualified for according to their hierarchy) are virtually identical and they stated that prior consulting experience was desired but not required. looking back at the posting i'm still left scratching my head by everything but the title

Mar 22, 2011