Pet Peeve: Offer Rates

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I never understand why people want to know what % of people get offers from a superday. Will this information affect how you interview? Are you going to prepare less and not take the interview seriously when you get there? Honestly, you should be going into EVERY interview with the mindset of nailing it and being the top choice.

Remember, historical != future. If the entire superday class is shit, you can be damn sure they won't be taking as many as before. Why risk being borderline?

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Feb 8, 2007

Why risk being borderline?

agree 100%

Feb 8, 2007

Eh, it is just something to ask. "How many are you planning on taking this year?" Why is that a problem?

Feb 8, 2007

You're missing the point behind the offer rates, and for that matter, this message board.

Some regional offices accept an extremely low percentage of candidates due to limited capacity, but not all, so this distinction can be important to know. No one cares if the offer rate is 1 in 5 versus 1 in 6, but 1 in 5 versus 1 in 20 can be a nice bit of information to know.

Perhaps more importantly, its nice entertainment value to know. Sure, some people come on this board for the objective reason of getting hired, but for the most part it is just an entertainment/stress relief/whatever you want outlet.

For me, the offer rate only matters in that I am curious and would like to know.

Will it affect how I prepare or interview? The answer is a resounding no

Feb 1, 2010


Feb 8, 2007