Physical Trading, No futures, and no series exams

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So I attended a non-target school and recently received an offer as a commodity trader on the lumber desk at a firm called Seaboard International Forest Products. The company is a subsidiary of the Forest City Trading Group and is located in New Hampshire. I traditionally envisioned myself working at an Investment bank so I was am not sure what to think about the job as a whole. Many of the traders at the company do well but definitely not as well as traders at banks. The company does not require you to pass the series exams and is a market maker that does not deal with futures. It physically takes delivery of the products. My question is, Is this experience leverageable into a job on a commodity desk at a bank? Should I take a CFA? What are your thoughts

Here is the website:

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Apr 15, 2019

I'd take out the name of the firm from your post and just include the asset for the sake of anonymity. I know almost nothing about commodities trading but it sounds super interesting FWIW.

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Apr 15, 2019
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