Physical Trading to Wall Street/Prop Trading

I am a non target 4 year employee at a pretty reputable physical trading company in CHI. Went to a big 10/big 12 esq. school, majored in general business & graduated with honors with a 3.7. The B School usually ranks somewhere between 50-150..... Kind of just fell into my current job, curious to know if their is a market for me in proprietary trading. For the first half of my career, to this point in life, I traded agricultural commodities, since then I've traded a specific energy product that is somewhat "sexy" yet foreign to Wall Street. Have helped managed a profitable book , while handling almost all aspects of the trade. I make decent money now around 150k per year all in, but I am curious if there is a place for me on Wall Street- if I am an attractive candidate or if it will be a tough nut to crack.

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Nov 17, 2018

Most of the BB Banks have all but eliminated their physical desks and really curtailed trading in general due to the Volcker Rule. By prop trading do you mean limited to just financial products with no physical presence? Are you trying to move to NYC specifically? Do you want to stay in the commodity space?

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Nov 17, 2018

I am looking to move to NYC specifically would be semi open to other cities. I have a decent knowledge of soft commodities along with energy. I would say by prop trading I do in fact mean just limited to financial instruments with no physical presence. But wouldn't close the door on something that allows for both (Beyond merely just hedging)

Nov 19, 2018


Nov 17, 2018
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