Picking an Industry to Cover in Tech/Biotech + Industry Resources

Hello everyone,

I know that similar questions have been asked on these forums, but I wanted to get some insight on industry coverage from people in ER or other similar roles. I am trying to build expertise in one or two sectors so I can network more effectively for FT. I have two questions:

1) I would like to eventually work in a biotech/life-science/healthcare type of industry, both as an investor, and one day as an operator. At this point, when I try to read about biotech companies it seems very difficult to understand the business, even if I somewhat get the science behind them, so I see how advanced degrees and industry experience would help. Are there any sub-sectors (maybe in tech) that I can follow to somehow build up basic level of understanding and then take on more advanced sectors? I am interested in industries that have to do with the future (longevity, better health, rejuvenation, automated cars, supercomputers, big data, AI, robots, space travel, etc)

2)When I read ER reports I see that analysts usually have very comprehensive data that is not available in 10k's and anywhere else that I search online. What kind of resources can I utilize when it comes to doing research to get a more in depth understanding of the companies I cover? I know that people in the industry have contacts with management and other industry experts, but are there any resources that average people can use? I have some resources available through my school (IBISworld, analyst reports), but it doesn't seem enough.

Thank you for the help.

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Jan 13, 2019