Picking Somewhere to Transfer To

What's up y'all I go to a weak nontarget in NYC rn and am planning to transfer next year as a sophomore. I've already been accepted to Emory (but would have to apply into the business school) and was also waitlisted by BC. I'm currently waiting for vandy, usc, mich, and georgetown so I was j wondering that if I don't end up getting into any of the schools I'm waiting for, if Emory is a good choice for IB or MBB.

Thank you y'all GOATed.

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May 11, 2021 - 10:42am

Prestige obviously helps, but if you're smart and driven, you'll break into the area you want to be in.

Pick a school that you actually like in a geographical area / city you actually want to be in. I know too many people that went to a random school so they could play sports or something and didn't put an ounce of thought into much else. A lot of them hated it and never fit in with the culture of that school.

May 11, 2021 - 10:46am

An important thing to look into is how strong the alumni base is at these schools. Maybe on LinkedIn look up the companies you're interested in working at and see which schools their people come from. Also, if you're currently in College of Arts & Sciences and don't want to go through switching to Business School, pursuing a BA in something like Economics is usually a good option. You usually take the same classes as someone pursing a BBA in Econ or BSBA

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