Picking up chicks with a company founder. Good Networking?

I met with a company founder of a small due diligence/ research firm. He was selling me an item from letgo/offerup and he happened to tell me he started the business (we met in his office) etc.

We hit it off. He told me about himself and I gave him my elevator pitch. He was open to getting coffee and talking.

He also mentioned that there is a local event in our area that will have a lot of single women. He said he was going (it's obvious why). He asked if I was going and I told him I didn't know about it but maybe I'd see him there.

So I feel like it would be smart to show up and have a beer and talk to some ladies with this guy. He seems like a cool a guy and I think it would be a good time and productive.

Also how would I do logistics? I feel like running into him "by accident" would be weird. He gave me a card with his cell number on it.

Company founder will be at a local event looking for strange. Should I go there and run into him?

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Mar 11, 2019