Pictet Investment Office PIO

Guys -  I am currently interviewing with Pictet Investment Office PIO for a credit PM role see below:

The team is in Geneva. Has anyone already heard of this group? reputation etc, cheers

As part of the Pictet Investment Office (PIO) of its Pictet Wealth Management Division in Geneva, you will manage discretionary portfolios investing directly in credit in accordance with management mandates
given to PIO, as well as providing support. You will also be required to evaluate the solvency of credit issuers and recommend investments within the bond universe.
You will bring your own investment expertise in the area of credit (distressed, restructuring, private, asset-backed, etc.).
The PIO team is responsible for non-traditional investments for a stable client base.

Your role

•  Taking part in investment decision-making, managing and monitoring credit portfolios (monitoring positions in real time, placing orders, cash and liquidity management, corporate actions and reporting).
•  Evaluating the degree of solvency of listed and unlisted government, public and private entities throughout the world, covering the entire universe with no constraints in terms of rating, risk, currency or benchmark, with the aim of issuing investment recommendations.
•  Contacting issuers directly, attending presentations, gathering information from various sources and providing detailed financial analyses.
•  Taking part in marketing efforts and assisting with client relations.
•  Analysing and evaluating credit documentation, sometimes related to special situations or distressed debt, then issuing investment recommendations and monitoring their performance.
•  Pricing bonds within their respective universe.
•  Issuing investment recommendations and updating them as necessary.
•  Helping with PIO investment analyses.
•  Providing some administrative assistance, producing reporting statements and developing the PIO's investment strategies.

Your profile

•  Degree in Finance and/or qualification deemed equivalent.
•  A profitable track record going back at least five years of investments within the fixed income/credit universe.
•  Thorough knowledge of corporate financial analysis.
•  Knowledge of bond calculations and fixed income management.
•  Highly proficient with standard office applications, Excel macros and Bloomberg financial software.
•  Perfect command of English and excellent knowledge of French.

•  Candidates must provide an investment track record.
•  Excellent communication skills and a keen team player.
•  Enquiring mind.
•  Highly organised and able to stick to the assigned tasks and to meet deadlines.
•  Ability to manage multiple and fluctuating priorities and resist stress.
•  Skilled at interacting effectively with staff at different hierarchical levels, in different positions and from different cultural backgrounds, with an ability to adapt how you communicate in different situations and depending on who you are speaking to.
•  Capable of building lasting relationships based on trust with clients and colleagues.
•  The successful candidate will be required to reside in Switzerland.

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