PIMCO (esp. Newport Beach, AM vs IBD

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Hey y'all

Can anybody give me some background on PIMCO's internships and FT positions? Specifically, networking opportunities, work culture, and daily activities of an intern. I am just beginning to learn about AM, so I am not quite sure what happens, I only have the stereotypes of IB guys running insane hour and S&T guys running for coffee. I have a friend of the family that works for a HF in California, and has said he can most likely get me an internship in their Newport Beach office next summer, as my sophomore year internship.

Would it be better to work in Newport Beach or the NY office? I hear about their Newport office more often, but in general NY offices are much bigger than SoCal offices.

My other question is, which looks better as a sophomore internship, PIMCO or a MM/boutique IB firm in NY? My ultimate goal is BB IBD in NY, and I understand a huge component will be networking and having the right things on my resume, especially coming from a southern non-target.

Will the recent news about those funds being withdrawn affect the short/long term reputation of the firm?

Thanks for all input, it is really appreciated.

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Jun 16, 2014