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I have an interview for the Business Development Research position at PIMCO.Does anyone know what I should expect for first round interview?

Position Responsibilities
Work with client-facing channel teams to conduct research and analyze competitors, financial markets and prospects.
Maintain new business pipeline flow and firmwide assets under management for use in marketing and client servicing communications.
Work with the Institutional Business Group (IBG) and technology teams to initiate and improve existing processes relating to business management reporting and product sales/marketing trends.
Utilize the firm's internal resources to respond to client, prospect, and consultant product inquiries in a timely manner.
Build solid internal relationships and partnerships with the Americas Client Facing Group, technology, communications and compliance professionals.

The HR person said I need to know about PIMCO's products and some VBA programming.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Jun 30,2010

Phone or on-site? PM if you want more details

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Jun 30,2010

are you interviewing for a position in NY or CA? im also having a first round interview but for the product associate position. have you heard anything about what they might during first rounds?

Jun 30,2010

^ mine is a phone interview for a position in CA.

@HolyShirtsAndPants:PMed you..thanks.

Jun 30,2010

I've recently been through the hiring process at PIMCO.

Much more direct than other interviews I've had. Less behavioral and more "what do you know?" and "what can you do for us?"

I'd think hard about the skill set you have and how it directly translates to the position. I'd do some background research on PIMCO. At the minimum read the latest articles from Bill Gross and El-Erian and do some reseach on Total Return, the flagship product.

Aside from being able to speak to your resume, I'd be ready for questions like "whats your view on the bond market?" or "where would you position a bond portfolio given the current environment?" Understand the fundamentals of bond portfolio management. Brush up on basics like duration, convexity, and the different sectors of the bond markets. Trivia like "what are the current spreads on agency MBS?" aren't out of bounds.

From a big picture standpoint I'd say they want people who want to work for the best, period. The culture is cut throat and competitive. There is no coddling but even if its not your long term home, It will always look good on the resume.

Jun 30,2010

good luck NUK. When's your interview? I would love to have some insight as to what they ask you so that I can better prepare for mine. Thanks in advance

Jun 30,2010

Thanks to all.I have been invited for the next round.I will be required to take an assessment test.Any insights on that?

Dec 31,2010

I have an on site interview at the end of this week for a Business Development Associate position at PIMCO in Newport Beach. Can any of you who have been through this process enlighten me as to what kind of assessment they'll give me before I meet with the managers?

The HR woman said it would be some math and Excel questions but didn't know any more than that. I've read that it will probably just be simple math and basic Excel formulas, but I find that hard to believe. The internal recruiter said that it would probably include pivot tables, vlookup, etc. and that I should be prepared to talk about investment outlook, Total Return Fund, and bond prospectus.

Any insight is greatly appreciated as I really want to nail this and work for PIMCO.

Mar 31,2013