PIMCO interview - Good reputation?

Hi everyone,

I will have a interview with PIMCO next week for the Account Analyst position. I heard they have a good reputation in the fixed income sector, but I am not sure what kinds of questions the interviewer might ask. I had a 30 minutes talk with the HR this week and was told I should be prepared for some CFA Level 1 questions, such as bonds, ETFs and duration and convexity, etc. I passed level 1 in 2009.

Any advices on how to prepare for the interview? Any suggestons will be greatly appreciated!

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Mar 24, 2011

Is PIMCO hiring like crazy right now? It seems like their name is popping up everywhere.

You heard right about the "good reputation" part. Outside of being a bit early calling the last downturn, Bill Gross is a god.

If you've already passed Level 1, just spend some time reviewing the basics. You don't need to know everything, you just need to prove to them you don't need Finance 101. DON'T get so caught up studying for technical questions that you neglect your resume and accomplishments, though.

Mar 25, 2011

They're going to ask you why you want to work for PIMCO. Figure that out, because this is one of the easiest questions as long as you prep for it.

May 6, 2012

Hi there,
Did you get the job at pimco? I have a phone interview with them next week for the Account Associate position, I'm very very extremely nervous. Could you provide me with some tips on what kind of questions they asked and how I should answer them? Thank you!! Anything would help!!

May 14, 2012

Same question as taipeigirl, do you have any info on what type of questions they asked? I am interviewing for a different position,Equity Research Full TIme, but quite nervous as well.

How technical do they get? I mean I can answer simple bond, duration, and security questions, but I am not sure about using derivatives, hedging a portfolio, and making some complex portfolio out of the blue. I have not taken the CFA Level I but have graduated from a top 30 business school. I'm wondering how much product knowledge I need to learn, refresh? I forgot a lot of the things from my Investments courses.

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May 14, 2012

Also got a call about the same interview so any input would be appreciated.

May 14, 2012

Me too, but for the associate position. You guys have yours already?

May 14, 2012