PIMCO Investment Management SA Interview Help

I have an interview next week on campus for PIMCO (SA). I preferenced that I wanted to work in either the Account Summer Analyst and Portfolio Summer Analyst. The other divisions are Product Summer Analyst and Credit Research Analyst.

Keeping in mind this is a 30 min. on campus interview, any ideas what they'll ask me? (aside from the usual why PIMCO, general macro questions, behaviorals, etc.)

Anyone been through a PIMCO interview before? Any advice would be really helpful! I don't see much posted about PIMCO's SA program.

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Did you interview with PIMCO before? Or is this a general guess about what they'll ask about technicals. Problem is I'm not even sure if they ask technicals during first round interviews.


First round interview for me was behavioral.. and then a question about convexity/negative duration. Second interview went into defining duration, different types of risk in bonds, and ways to increase and decrease duration using derivatives.


Thanks for the help! Was this for SA or FT?


I know for FT it's heavy, heavy bond mathematics/terminology.

As far as fit goes, they love hearing about pedigree and brand names, especially. Their clients demands a certain level of stuffiness, so PIMCO loves wine-os and fencers.


Hi could someone help me with pimco interview questions? I have an interview coming up this week.


Expect mostly fit questions and questions about what your thoughts are on the global macro economy. I would recommend reading up on their last cyclical and secular forums and the last few investment summaries from Bill Gross.


superday offers anyone? how long do they take to get back to you?


They've given out superday offers in London (undergrad roles). Its on 21st, does anybody have any insight on what to expect?


Newport undergrad Account SA superday was Friday 2/15 - they mentioned they couldn't get everyone in though.

Definitely be up on macro trends - I got at least three different questions on QE. I think I got off a bit easier on quant questions just because I'm not an Econ or Business major. Lots of behavioral and fit questions.


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